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[[Delay caffeine to 2hrs after waking]]

Excercise in the 1st hour after waking up (and no later than 3hrs after) will bias you towards action, less lethargy. Do not excercise too hard, or else you will deplete your glycogen and may crash after eating.

Low carb, fasting states lend themselves to alertness.

[[Deliberate, linear implementation is best done during highly focused states]] [[Creative work is best done when relaxed]]

Get sunlight in the evening to

  • not getting up too early (due to light early in the morning shifting your clock)

People who thrive on a ketogenic diet are more ofthen than not hormone enhanced. Your body would have more difficulty making use of the food if you don't supplement with hormones.

fasting promotes alertness [[epinephrine]] will be released

Fasting or being on a ketogenic diet can give troubles sleeping as you will be in a high alertness state with epinephrine being released.

Peak wakefulness, peak supression of the sleep signal happens very late in the day.

[[Your body wakes you up right before bedtime]], that bastard.

Going to sleep later will shift your internal clock Because you shift activity and body temperature


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