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[[nutraceutical]] that helps with memory and alertness. Precursor to [[dopamine]].

Effects, Use

I trust [[Andrew Huberman]], so I am listing his effects and benefits first. He is a neurologist with a PhD after all, and uses tyrosine himself. He praises tyrosine for:

  • production of [[dopamine]] Which would naturally lead us to expect:
  • Increase in mood
  • Increase in alertness (slight crash after use according to Huberman)

Trials have used 150mg/kg, which for me would med approximately 12g per day. Currently (2021-04) I am taking ca. 3-4g a day.

Required intake of (dietary) tyrosine has been estimated to be between 14mg/kg to 39mg/kg of body weight.

In older individuals tyrosine has shown indications of decreasing cognitive performance.

What's it good for?

  • Memory
  • Thinking skills (cognitive function… There's more scientifically valid nomenclature available for this other than "brain go gooder")
  • Alertness when sleep deprived
    • One night's sleep deprivation, people stayed alert for 3hrs longer with tyrosine than without
    • Improved memory
    • Improved reasoning
  • Thyroid function/hormone levels
    During stress thyroid hormone levels can drop. Tyrosine might help replenish.

🧠⚙ Brain go Wawoom when:

  • Multitasking and distractions (sound, noisy environment)
    This is my job (digital marketing agency) all the time, every time, all the days.
  • Sleep deprivation
    My parenting life. All the days, every night.
  • Harsh military training
    See above. Pretty similar to agency work and parenting I'd say. Except that the army people are 18, and I am more than twice that age…
  • Cold weather
    I live in Norway.

Tyrosine does nothing when?

  • Under normal conditions
    Considering that my daily life is equivalent to harsh military training (see above) I'd say chances are good my brain could function somewhat closer to baseline with tyrosine. Add to that ADHD, which makes any regular day as stressful as the aforementioned harsh military training. So yea, when your normal condition is a permanently, considerably stressful condition equal to two times harsh military training… My conclusion is to try tyrosine

Things we thought tyrosine was good for but has no/negative clinical evidence:

  • Withdrawal symptons (cocaine, alcohol)
  • ADHD (oral administration)
  • Athletic performance
  • Depression (oral administration)

🤷‍♀️ We don't know for sure:

  • Narcolepsy Evidence is only self-reported, anecdotal, no clinical/significant findings


Tyrosine is created from phenylalanine

Tyrosine → L-DOPA → dopamine → norepinephrine → epinephrine

This chain makes it a candidate for possibly helping with adhd as well, albeit evidence to the contrary.
I also have a hypothesis that [[bupropion and tyrosine taken together potentiate each others effect]]

See also:: [[Tyrosine for Depression]] About dosage and titration

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine supposedly works better, but; a study showed it did not increase tyrosine levels at all.

Uptake of l-Tyrosine – crossing the blood brain barrier

Tyrosine needs help by way of

  • an insulin mediated mechanism
  • The proper carrier

Foods rich in tyrosine

These foods with carbs - will work well to get tyrosine into the brain

See also

See also:: [[Tyrosine for Depression]]

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