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Tim Ferris podcast - Andrew Huberman

Tumeric dht - research [[Tongkat Ali]] - for [[testosterone]] Increases bound version of testosterone, which makes it available for longer time so it can reach more ofbthe body Can be slightly stimulating Works better in 3rd month of use

[[Fedogia Aggrestos]] Lutenising hormone mimetic - increases testosterone production

Huberman wants his testosterone to be in lo 8s or high 7s

1000mcg of [[DEA]]!

Vitality and longevity have to be balanced.

[[Alpha-GPC]] works Seems to help with age related cognitive decline Increases focus, but without stimulation He does not take it when he has slept well

[[dehydration]] One synotom; problem fovussing eyes I hae this often but ascribef it to sleepiness only... Have to test if water helpsnwith it next time

[[Yerba Mate]] Titrate it, like they would in argentina Contains theobromine and other things Ferris says metabolises caffeine quickly. Boost lasts 20 30min, so he becomes a crack fiend and drinks 8 cups a day

Can we negate [[caffeine]]? Like morphine can by... sth Increase glucose; it will blunt the effect. Have a bagel or two. Carbs. 100-200mg theanine will reduce the caffeine jitters GABA, flycine combo. 1g of each. It's a sledgehammer, dont use it often, but as a last resort

Huberman does not believe in taking things too close to what you want to mimic, like l-dopa.

Projections - book Carl researches other ways than medicayions to stomulate, modify the nervous systems Vagus nerve for example

Know thyself - take stock of what you came intonthe world with and what you have at the moment Coming to grips with my ADHD has helped me. I am less harsh on myself, get a bit less down

Use the body to control the mind

[[Hoffman method]] Huberman related his experience

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Tim Ferris podcast - Andrew Huberman