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Michael Levin on Morphogenetics, Regeneration, Consciousness, and Xenobots

theories of everything with [[Curt Jaimungal]] electrical patterns are shown during development. if that pattern is imposed upon developing embryo that physiological thing will grow. for example one can make an eye grow in the stomach by imposing that bioelectrical pattern inside the belly.

This does not work with external electromagnetic radiation, but direct mnipulation of the ion channels of the cells.

[[rupert sheldrake]] in the audience of this one, with a question to [[Michael Levin]]!

[[Dan Dennet]]

[[A human brain is very intelligent, in a certain context it also makes a great paperweight]] [[Michael Levin]] #quote

Many of the people whπlinto study…who say they study consciousness … in fact do not study consciousness, what they study at best are correllates of consciousness, or oftentimes behaviours and properties that may or may not have anything to do with actual consciousness.

1h16m50s studying consciousness is a 1st person activity, its not a 3rd person activity. fundamentally studying consciousness requires the subject - meaning you or whoever is actually studying it- to actually change

empirically measurable = publically observable

[[inbox-2022/t.forandring er det eneste som er]] if thing remains the same there is no thing. some thing must change for there to be anything

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Michael Levin on Morphogenetics, Regeneration, Consciousness, and Xenobots