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Donald: …none of our sensory systems tell us the truth about objective reality… spacetime is not an objective truth, it is just a representation of fitness payoffs.

Mentions [[Nima Arkani-Hamed]] and his "spacetime is doomed, and here is why"

The best physicists are now trying to figure out "whats next"? Space-Time has had a good run for several centuries, and it's over

This phrasing puts it into perspective for me. SpaceTime must be fundamental! How can it be otherwise? Well… Any other ideas humanity held as fundamental for a few centuries that have toppled over?

There are deeper structures from which space-time can emerge as a projection, as a special case, but there is no time, and there is no space. There are symmetries that can predict data, but do not use space and time as their fundamental concepts.

Trying to think outside the timebox is not easy.

Joscha: Donald is outing himself as a mysterianist - human minds are not equipped to understand how they work or how the universe works, they are embedded in it at a very deep level.

[[Mysterianism]] is the position that something can not be understood if it can not be understood by [[Noam Chomsky]]..

The idea of physicalism to me is the notion that we live in a reality that is fully emerged over a causally closed mechanical layer.

Every supernatural event is going to have some sort of natural cause, some kind of prime mover that is ticking away in the void and is producing the patterns that we observe. And the patterns we observe are so damn regular.

We know our minds are playing tricks on us

as a kid programming, I could not wrap my mind around continuous space.

I can't wrap my head around continuous space now, as an alleged adult. Neither can I wrap my head around discrete space... Is there something in-between those options that I can wrap my mind around? NO! There's no between! Neither in discrete, nor continuous space! In discrete space there is... there is not. There is nothing in between. In continuous space there is... there is all. There is infinity in between. In discrete space you find nothing because there is nothing. In continuous space you find nothing because everything else is in the way.

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Theories of Everything - Donald Hoffman and Joscha Bach