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podcast:: [[The Portal podcast]] host:: [[Eric Weinstein]] guest:: [[Roger Penrose]] topic:: [[Cosmology]]

This is a fairly complex discussion, to say the least. Not at all popularizing or simplifying as much as any other interview of Sir [[../www/Roger Penrose]] I have listened to. As enjoyable as it was… I like to use the word stimulating, when something is out of my grasp of understanding but interesting nonetheless.

  • [[Paul Dirac]] scissor problem
  • raol bot(?)... world repeats every 8 fimensions, low dimensional coincidences, bot periodicity
  • weinstein :you can perform calculus(?) in four dimensions in an infinite ways, and only one in every other dimension penrose: Yes, theres something special about four...
  • the [[Hopf Fibration]] The quaternionic Hopf Fibration, not the complex Hopf Fibration

Original note:: [[tickler-2021-01]]

The Portal 20 - Roger Penrose