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I remember asking a friend of mine that question almost 20 years ago. She thought it was more likely that it made it up as it went along than everything being set in stone from the very beginning.

We're talking the rules here, not free will or not, but the very physical laws themselves.

A video I saw the other day rekindled my own belief that this might be so; Graham Farmelo on Paul Dirac and Mathematical Beauty

And the more I feed my curiosity about [[cosmology]] and [[Quantum Mechanics]], the more it seems to me that the foundation upon we rest, the substrate in which we are embedded, is more mathematical than physical in nature.

To paraphrase Penrose: We don't even know what matter is [[q.I do not like the word materialist because I dont think we know what material is]]

Also, it kind of – but only kind of – meshes with [[t.Problems With the Simulation Hypothesis]]

Source: [[tickler-2021-03]]

t.does the universe make it up as it goes along