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Strong Opinions Weakly Held

The idea that we should go with what we think, with our theories, our intuitions, but change them as soon – and quickly – as we encounter evidence to the contrary.

Overcome confirmation bias.

Strong Opinions that I Hold Weakly

This is all pretty dire. Reading it over I wonder why I am not more severely depressed than I, in fact, actually am. I guess I don't hold any strong opinions about the sublime and transcendental. I have strong, intense experiences of them, but I try to not have opinions.

I take solace in the immense scale of the universe and apparent meaninglessness, though; [[This is how magic is done - by hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a featherbed]]

Society Sucks


The Mystical and transcendent (also; religion)

The Human Condition

Mostly consciousness and epistemology, and - i realise - a lot about free will, and the probable lack thereof. Also, solipsism.

Resistance is Futile

Recursion (also: Fre Will, hahaha)

Puny Minds

Fre Will, hahaha (also: Recursion)

Neurochemical Correlates to Consciousness (again: Fre Will, hahaha)

Galaxy Brain, After All (Again: recursion)

And since we actually have to live with our selves and each other, no matter the substrate upon which whatever I "is" rests:

Humaning and co-humaning


Outside Our Selves: Cosmology

Strong Opinions about Inconsequentialities

See also:: [[Aphorisms to live by]] Source:: Strong Opinions, Weakly Held — a framework for thinking | by Ameet Ranadive | Medium

Strong Opinions Weakly Held