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I love science fiction


Not that important, but left a mark

First ever use of the term science fiction was in… early… mentioned in Macbreak Weekly towards the end of e753


  • Snow Crash
  • The one where a guy wakes up after a drinking night and is a woman, gender changed by a friend as a prank. (Apologies; can't remember the title. Might have been Charles Stross. There was a similarity to Altered Carbon in that your soul/consciousness was stored on a disc in your neck)
  • That one with a protagonist named Reid(?) who steers a "space"ship that navigates on pure mathemathics. By Greg Egan. I remember the protagonist's name only because I went to university with a person of the same name. I remember the book only because it was presented (lent) to me by one of my housemates in Australia. It seems it is not Reid Malenfant… I don't recognize it from the wikipedia description. Were the pilots called navigators?
  • [[Constellation Games]] - ok, but nothing amazeballs. Irreverent and humorous though. A bit Hitchiker's Guide


[[Escape Pod]]

Short stories

[[The Last Question]] The Egg - Andrew Weir



[[Philip K. Dick]]

[[Greg Egan]]

Australian. And of all cities he could live in in Australia, he lives in the very one I spent a year in; [[Perth]] Write Permutation City, which I haven't read, but which comes up all over the place.

2020-12-02 - An author I remember really liking is Greg Egan. Australian if I remember correctly. [[australia|Australia]] is also where I was introduced to…The name escapes me, but it is relatively obscure and the main thing I remember is that the protagonist was a pilot of a starship, and the ships were navigated with pure mathematics.