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[[q.I do not like the word materialist because I dont think we know what material is]]

Anecdotes and Accolades

Nobel Prize

Winner of the Nobel Prize in physics 2020, for work on [[black hole]]s (singularities) he did with [[Stephen Hawking]] - Origin of our idea that the universe began with/as a singularity, i.e. the [[Big Bang]].

Conformal Cyclic Cosmology

Originator of [[conformal cyclic cosmology]]

Infinite Tiling

Source:: (252) Roger Penrose | Logic, Conciousness and Quantum - YouTube

Mathematicians were trying to see how few tiles one would need to cover an infinite area where the pattern of tile combinations would nevere repeat. A chinese student got id down to a few thousand. Some other person got id down to a few hundred.

Penrose reduced it to... two.

Inspiring Escher

His father knew M.C. Escher, and some images Escher did latere were inspired by / a collaboration with Sir Penrose and his father.


  • Brought up in a quaker family, but holds no religious beliefs.

Talks etc. I've enjoyed

Logic, Conciousness and Quantum

Talks etc. I want to watch

Topic:: [[physics]]

Roger Penrose