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Note: These are very loose notes and need cleaning. Scribbled down as many terms as I came over when I used Roam Research.


  • [[Action at a Distance]]
    - Good explanation also of fields [QFT: What is the universe really made of? Quantum Field Theory visualized - YouTube]( [[../_meta/meta.source.web]]
    - [[Bell's Inequality]]
    - certain measurements are truly probabilistic and not predetermined by some hidden variables.
        - source:: [(2) Assuming that the Big Crunch/Big Bounce theory is true would that mean that the universe plays out exactly the same an infinite amount of times? : cosmology](
        - my point was showing there exist some truly random processes in the universe
            - how is what happens randomly determined to become exactly that value? How can there not be #determinism ?
        - I don't know if you're interested,  but this might be some good reading to start getting a little grasp on the notion of "randomness":
            - - Earman, J. (1986). A Primer on Determinism. (particularly Ch. 8.) #science #[[Quantum Mechanics]] #book
            - - Kolmogorov, A. N. & Uspenskii, V. A. (1988). Algorithms and Randomness. #science #[[Quantum Mechanics]] #book
            - - Eagle, A. (2005). Randomness is Unpredictability. #science #[[Quantum Mechanics]] #book
    - [[Bell's Theorem]]
    - Bell's theorem is commonly understood to rule out "local deterministic 
    hidden variable theories", or, more generally, "local causality". Thus, Bell's theorem is often understood to imply that QM is "[[nonlocal]]", or in Bell's words: QM has a "grossly non-local character" (1964 paper).
        - QM has a "grossly non-local character" (1964 paper).
        quote:: Bell #[[Quantum Mechanics]]
    - [[Eigenstate-Eigenvalue Link]]
    - Global phase invariance
    - [[Locality]] - things effect each other only when they are in the same place
    - Exception is #Gravity, until we find the gravity-carrying particle, or gravitational fields are real.
    - [[Many Worlds Interpretation]]
    - evades [[Bell's Inequality]]
        - source::
    - [[Projection Postulate]] aka [[collapse of the wave-function]]
    - by [[Von Neumann]]
    - [[Poincare Recurrence Theorem]]
    - [[Quantum Field Theory]]
    - Good explanation: [QFT: What is the universe really made of? Quantum Field Theory visualized - YouTube]( [[../_meta/meta.source.web]]
    - [[Retrocausality]]
    - backwards causation
        - source::
    - [[Schrödinger]]
    - [[Superdeterminism]]
    - denying measurement inputs to be free variables
        - source::
    - [[Superliminal signalling]]
    - violating relativistic constraints
        - source::
  • quote:: (and anecdotes)

    - Schrödinger meant his cat was an absurdity - [[Quantum Mechanics]] was absurd, he felt
    - Dirac said - but not out loud - [[Quantum Mechanics]] is a provisional theory #quote 
    (according to [[Roger Penrose]] in at ca. 12mins) - also in "[[Roger Penrose]] on Lex Friedman podcast 85 #Physics #consciousness"
    - "The lesson of quantum mechanics and even of classical physics, Popper said, is that nothing is determined, nothing is certain, nothing is completely predictable; there are only “propensities” for certain things to occur. - [[Karl Popper]], Propensities #quote #Physics #uncertainty #[[Quantum Mechanics]] #philosophy #[[philosophy of science]]"



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