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[[Philip K. Dick]] is the most influential cyberpunk writer ever

  • "Edit: Maybe I'm not fully understanding the cyberpunk genre, and if so, would love some comments to help wrap my mind around it."
    • you are understanding it perfectly. PKD is 100% the most influential cyberpunk writer ever.
    • ill put it this way, Gibson won a prize called "the Philip K. Dick award" just because cyberpunk hadnt been coined yet, doesnt mean he wasnt cyberpunk. PKD is the GODFATHER of cyberpunk. i mean, christ. blade runner the movie was released before gibson published neuromancer. i mean, Ridley Scott and Harrison ford are more creators of cyberpunk than gibson.
    • Im not saying gibson wasnt hugely influential. ofcourse he was. It just bugs me when people dont give credit where credit is due. and PKD deserves a huge amount of credit.
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PKD is the most influential cyberpunk writer ever