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I basically failed physics in high school. It took adding some popular science books and subtracting an arrogant "teacher" for me to discover… well, discover physics.

This is "physics" in the sense that the philosophical questions that come up in [[Cosmology]] and [[Quantum Mechanics]] are physics… But fear not, no new-agey Quantum Bollocks. At least very, very, very little of it. You probably won't be able to measure it… 🥁 (I source this from the physicists themselves, reputable ones, the ones that are in videos on YouTube, so you know they are real…)

Come to think of it… Philosophy might be more of what fascinates me, but that's scary (even more so than formulas). Physics seems safe (even though [[I thought I went insane once just because of a number]]).

Questions I have and stuff I cannot wrap my tiny mind around; I try to wrap it too tightly, thus it explodes


[[physics quotes]]


Physicists are an Arrogant Assembly

My high school teacher aside...

It's funny how some of the most well known concepts in physics were not coined as a way to explain, but rather as a way to belittle ideas the author found preposterous, stupid, wholly improbable.


[[Quantum Mechanics]]


Let's see what the media is talking about today "A map reveals a cosmic void where the laws of physics seem not to apply" "Dark Matter findings suggest Einstein's Theory of Relativity may be wrong" Sigh... It's gonna be one of those days again... –[[anton petrov]] #humour #quote

[[anton petrov]] in Detailed Proof of Dark Matter/Dark Energy Released, But Something Is Odd - YouTube


Kind of, very loosely, sorted in order of how much I know about them, how well I like them, how alive they are and how much they have contributed to the field.



[[a.The Standard Model The Most Successful Scientific Theory Ever]] [[../_inbox/inbox-2021/inbox-2021-09/a.The Map of Particle Physics The Standard Model Explained]]