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Graham Farmelo on Paul Dirac and Mathematical Beauty

quote:: [[q.there is no god and dirac is his prophet]]

He never used one word when none would do

[[Carlo Rovelli]] mentions him being borderline – or more – autistic, regarding his lack of social… engagement.

The first paper on [[Quantum Mechanics]], written in a somewhat apologetic way, by german theoretical physicist [[Werner Heisenberg]]

([[Werner Heisenberg]] was [[Paul Dirac]]'s advisor)

Believed that the rules of nature are always written in beautiful mathematics See also:: [[math is unreasonably effective]]

Born 1902. Wrote the first PHD on [[Quantum Mechanics]] Wrote "The Fundamental Equations of Quantum Mechanics"

[[God was an Einstein-Spinozan kind of all-embracing harmony of the universe]]

topic:: [[Quantum Mechanics]] superior:: [[Werner Heisenberg]]

Paul Dirac