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Particle zoo

Classes of particles:

[[Bosons]] [[../_inbox/inbox-2021/inbox-2021-09/Fermions]]

Hadrons and Leptons

  • Leptons - Not affected by the strong force
  • Hadrons - Affected by the strong force
    • Baryons
    • Mesons

references:: Particle Classification note:: this article contains mention of symmetries, groups and symmetry groups, and the eightfold way - which is confirmed alluding to the [[noble eightfold path]]


Strongly interacting. Divided into baryons and mesons.

Baryons are fermions (incl. proton, neutron), their decay always produces another baryon, and ultimately a proton.

Mesons are bosons. Mesons can decay without producing other hadrons.

thought:: decay is another word for fields popping free from the others, no longer interacting, producing excitations that ar dis-entangled, ultimately producing single fundamental particles, i.e. excitations in their respective fields, not interacting (not bound up into more complex particles) ![[thought-decay is another word for fields popping free from the others.png]]

Particle Physics