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If you do the best you can, you will burn out. Fast.

Apply the inverse [[pareto principle]], where you apply yourself 80%. Then you have a fifth to spare for when the inevitable excrement smears itself across your surroundings by way of a multi-pronged, ceiling-mounted, rotating air-moving device.

To wit; no animal ever exerted itself to it's full capacity for the entirety of it's waking hours (and survived to see the next sunrise).

If it helps; If you think we only use n% of our human brian at any one time and you'd like to USE ALL THE BRAINS, remember, 100% of your brain going at it at once is known not as "reaching your full potential", but "an epileptic fit, oh shit, oh shit, call an ambulance!".

Also, apparently, David Goggins says we ever only perform at 40% of our maximum. Or 60%. I don't remember. Point is, we have a lot of reserves in us


  • When my best friend and I – in our early 20s – roamed the streets of our home-town during night, after many an alcohol, shouting… I can't remember.. something something average and mediocre is ok and what we aim for.
never do the best you can