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Religion is a prime example of lies-to-children.

I have this from [[Terry Prattchett]], who framed it something like that religi… spiritual mysticism and (it's associated experiences) is very, very unlanguable. It has to be simplified for the message to be encoded in a somewhat grokable way. Problem is, on that very way, from ineffable to grokable, it gets garbled.

A (neuroatypical) member of the tribe has a vision. They try as best as they can to describe it to their fellow (proto)humans. Everybody scratches their heads. Visionary Mystic Shaman Priest Neanderthal grunts in fewer and fewer syllables, in less and less abstract terms, in more and more simplified language.

Tribe members gradually start to nod their heads. Partly out of boredom, partly out of fear of this exalted, excited weirdo. Soon the grand, mind-expanding visions of the end of the universe that is the same as the beginning of the universe which are both created and create the one and infinite god that is no thing and everything and…

Ok, listen… There's something bigger than us. It creates and destroys. It's all full of warm and fuzzies. It likes us. We should like it! I like it! I saw it! I was it! I am it! We are it! You get it?

Nobody got it.

They were children. Children who could not – if they were earnest – or would not – if they were opportunists – get it.

Point is; the ineffable, unlanguable, that which is beyond current human comprehension gets lost in translation.

This is where I stop and say: This is how we get organized religion which is not much more than a dissipative system that emerged upon the fertile ground of [[primate power lust]].

Why does this happen?

Because children are stupid and need to be told scary fairy tales (Grimm brothers, Asbjørnsen and Moe until they understand real world consequences.

The signal to noise ratio is way too high, probably over 9000. (a solution would be to amplify the signal – which comes from within – and almost mute the noise – which comes from without), we have tools to do this; [[psychedelics]].

Alas, people in general are not that turned on and tuned in.

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