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[[AI]] researcher with a podcast: [[Lex Fridman Podcast]] Appeared as a guest on [[Eric Weinstein]] podcast The Portal

Spent some time listening to his podcast (then named "Artificial Intelligence") at the beginning of [[my furlough during the 2020 pandemic]].

Does the [[Lex Fridman Podcast]]

when i first heard him i wondered about how much he knew, but he knows enough to ask really simple questions. The right questions. (in saying "he knows enough" I mean "he knows so much", as in, "he knows so much he knows he needs to simplify just that much")

His speech is slightly slurred and slow, but the content of his podcast episodes are so dense that it's one of the few podcasts I have to listen to at 1x and not 1.5x or 2x.

He knows about:

  • [[AI]]
  • processor architecture
    • RISC
    • CISC


Believes that [[../www-old/you can struggle beautifully]]

via:: [[The Portal podcast]] early 2020

Lex Fridman