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  • robert frost poem about paths #to/research
  • Stuart kaufman - non-ergodic behaviour #to/research
  • Dave snowden - anthrocomplexity, the complexity unique to humans #to/research
    • defined simple, complicated, complex, chaotic
  • k-selected, r-selected species #to/research

[[q.Reality is sacred to me, I have a reverence for reality, but I know my best understanding of it is never complete - Danlie Schmachtenberger]]

[[Models can be useful, but they are never capital T True.]]

[[Self-terminating system]] Human civilisation is a self-terminating system.

ability to have supernatural stimuli and not become desentisized to regular stimuli

[[hormesis]] [[q.hormesis is ritualized discomfort]]

[[compersion]] - feeling stoked for a friend that does well actually a problem that it is not a more common word in english

hafez(?) sufi poet - if you are lonely he will lean his spirit into you and comfort you across the millennia.

related:: [[complexity theory]] related:: [[ergodicity]] Original note:: [[tickler-2021-06]]

Lex Fridman Podcast - 191 - Daniel Schmachtenberger