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podcast:: [[Lex Fridman Podcast]] guest:: [[Michael Littma]] topic:: [[AI]] discussed:: [[AI]] discussed:: [[Ted Chiang]] discussed:: [[../People/Douglas Rushkoff]]

Lex Fridman 144 - Michael Littma - Reinforcement Learning and the Future of AI

GPT-3ts out are amazing - does not necesarily mean AI is smarter than we think, but humas are dumber than we think - or much of what we do day to day is no that deep - were just going wih the flow… not that much is intentional… but enough is so we get by, we do come up with new ideas occasionally

  • re-transcribe this note, it's very rough
  • program or be programmed #book by [[../People/Douglas Rushkoff]]

    • In a time we all had to become literate, and the ones who were had more of asay than the ones who were not literate.
  • Mention the short story by [[Ted Chiang]] Algos could manipulate us slowly, unnoticeable [[AI ethics]] Rollout term comes from backgammon

Zero shot learning Driving is such a social sctivity 1h44m

  • its not exponential, its the first half of a sigmoid curve
  • lex: yes, its hundreds of s curves stacked on top of each other

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lex fridman podcast - 144 - michael littma - reinforcement learning and the future of ai