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podcast:: [[Lex Fridman Podcast]] guest:: [[Lisa Feldman Barrett]] topic:: [[neuroscience]]

Lex Fridman Podcast 129 – Lisa Feldman Barrett – Counterintuitive Ideas About How the Brain Works

noise's role in free will cells whose only job it is is to introduce noise stochasticity as a source of free will conceptual combination as a source… you can't reach into your past and change your past, but you can change your present, which becomes your past.

note: your present also becomes your future.

you are continually cultivating your past as a means to control your future.

note: this eliminates time, in a weird way.

[[The brain does not classify, it does concept construction]]

[[cortisol is not a stress hormone]]


lex fridman podcast - 129 - lisa feldman barrett – counterintuitive ideas about how the brain works