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Favourable response of a biological process to a stressor Favourable response to a stressor by a biological process Biological process responding favourably to a stressor Biological process exposed to stressor responds favourably

From Greek hórmēsis - rapid motion, eagerness, to set in motion, impel, urge on.

Example is dose response to toxins. Examples are health paradoxes (smoker's paradox) and [[microdosing]] is sometimes considered. Alcohol can be beneficial in low doses (e.g. one glass of wine a day beneficial for heart disease and stroke)

Pharmacology hormetic zone = therapeutic window. Psychology – [[eustress]] = psychoogical or environmental factors that produce a positive responce. Physiology – growth of muscles depend on them being somewhat broken down by exercise(?)

A low dose of something can have the opposite effect of a high dose. A little bit of stress wakes you up, but a lot of stress is bad for you. Lifting weights for 30 minutes per day is good for you, but lifting weights for 6 hours per day will destroy your muscles. Stress yourself, but not too much. source:: [[50 Ideas That Changed My Life]]

Hormesis translated to a catchy(ish) catch(uh)phrase: [[../_inbox/inbox-2021/inbox-2021-09/the poison is in the dose]]

via:: [[lex fridman podcast - 191 - Daniel Schmachtenberger]] related:: [[eustress]] related:: [[../../Notes/Roam Daily - July 19th, 2020]]