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The [[hacker ethos]] is not necessarily to break in and break stuff. It is difficult to reconcile that the equivalent in the physical world would be that if a door is open, one should go in, have a look around, find out if there are secrets there, then erase ones tracks as you leave, and then find a relevant person to contact and tell them that their door was unlocked. They would be pretty upset that you rummaged around in their house and not so greateful.

This relates so much to privacy, and I have an anecdote:

In Berlin, hacker friend, looks at my phone, obviously reads what is on my screen. I object. It has to be explained to him that the screen is private by someone else. He gets a bit upset and does not completely understand, or agree. It is out in the open, in plain view, easy for him to read. This exemplifies the difference in sense of privacy.

hackers are ethical