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Fermi's Paradox and the Psychology of Galactic Empires

source:: Fermi's Paradox and the Psychology of Galactic Empires | Matthew O´Dowd | TEDxTUWien - YouTube via:: youtube algo after [[Singularity Summit with Peter Thiel]], [[Eliezer Yudkowsky]], [[Aubrey de Grey]]]] topic:: [[Fermi Paradox]]


  • His voice reminds me of [[Tim Minchin]], a complete aside though...

  • His parents listened to docus about space on the radio, it was regular thing on sundays. I'd like to do this for my own kids!

  • It seems that life happens quickly, and with great probability when the conditions are right" - Matthew O'Dowd #quote #astrophysics #Life

    • "when the conditions are right" really makes this a tautology? Although, it could have been that even despite conditions being right, life might not emerge, it is not a given that it happens, even though our universe seems to work that way.
    • Not quite sure what to make of this, it is something about the [[anthropic principle]] I find unsatisfying and inelegantly self-referential, tautological.
  • [[The Great Filter]]

  • 13:13 - Sociological, psychological evolution maybe leads to you are inclined to enter into a state of galaxywide harmony, with a perfectly enforced prime directive - you stay hidden.

  • Maybe they turn inwards, virtual worlds, loose interest in the outwards galaxy

This prompted my idea of a [[t.voluntary great filter]], although… the voluntary filter is not one of destruction, just abstinence of intergalactic communion.

  • Maybe too primitive, maybe we are to primitive to perceive a galactic empire's sociology?
  • Hard to escape the explanation of [[The Great Filter]], but: we are running out of time to kill ourselves before we have the capability to make a mark (that is detectable on cosmic scale, for other civilizations)
  • Thinks we have that filter behind us.
  • What if we're early? What if we forge the path to lead that helping hand to anyone that may come after?


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  • star in [[kepler sample]] that is dimming in weird ways - theory alien megastructure (not likely). Other explanation has been found
Fermi's Paradox and the Psychology of Galactic Empires