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every psychological event has a biological correllate

Meaning every thought, process, trauma and event that happens to you mentally will have a biochemical effect, consequence. To greater and lesser extents, obviously. Psychological trauma can, and will, change your neurochemistry. A tragic event will be able to cause depression, with it's corresponding effects on neurotransmitter release.

Conversely, a biochemical event can have a psychological effect. This might be too obvious… coffee perks you up, cammomile tea calms you down, as does valium, while chocholate goes so in a different way.

Further, I could get into philosophy of mind → skip a step → skip a step → something-something free will → murky waters → mumble-mumble → the nature of consciousness.

But I won't, because [[Mathew Johnson]] already said so, in a Lex Fridman Podcast – where this quote is taken from – and he said it thusly.

[[subjective experience and biological chemical process are two sides of the same coin]] – Mathew Johnson

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every psychological event has a biological correllate