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Nonlinear Dynamic Systems]]

- [[../www-old/complex adaptive systems]] are a subset of nonlinear dynamic systems
  • heterogenous agents

  • phase transitions

  • emergent behaviour

  • equilibrium

  • [[ref.Cybernetical Physics]]

  • [[Antifragility]] a marketable term for these systems coined by Nassim Taleb.

  • #Tickler

    • 13.2.3 Self-organized criticality
      • Organized Structures
      • Self-organized criticality (SOC) refers to the tendency of dissipative systems to drive them into a critical state, which will undergo avalanches starting from fluctuations. An avalanche is the expression of the separation of time scales of the drive inducing the avalanche and its relaxation time at which it stops. It is described by its size (mass), duration, area covered, and radius of gyration. The distribution of the avalanche either in space or in time usually obeys finite scaling as well as long-range spatiotemporal correlations.

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