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Ways in which to suck less and awesome more.

Was inspired by Wisdom From Merlin So it's not that I am so very wise, just that the thing that prompted me to do this thing had that name. Shares a lot of with [[Aphorisms to live by]] and [[Strong opinions weakly held]]

  • Being terse is antithetical to building raport, but at times effectiveness is more important than chucking and jiving

A Concise Manual for Better [[co-humaning]]

Can't live without them, and can definitely live with them.

Terse Tips for Taking Better Care of Future You for a Better Future You

Remember this to pull yourself out of misery and bask in the glory of eternal emptiness.

Verbose Reference for Better [[co-humaning]]

via:: [[../Notes/-moc.p.personal life]] related:: [[Strong opinions weakly held]] related:: [[Aphorisms to live by]]

Better Humaning