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[[Back to Work]] episode

  • It's for keeping your body going, keeping all the functions going.
  • Your brain runs your body with something like a budget
  • The brain moves the sack of meat around
  • We live in our mind, not in our body
  • It's exhausting to pay attention to people
  • Lakoff metaphor for us
  • The little video-game hearts, I think that is a sensible >- if not realistic >- mental model of how it works
  • If I don't eat I get weird, I get a headache

I don't get a headache, but I get a bit weird. At the very least [[I get extraordinarily hangry]]

  • My year of sleep #book
  • Why this time ([[The Minor Inconvenience that was the Pandemic of 2020]]) has been so difficult
  • This constant mix of [[anhedonia]] and madness... It's hard to be genuinely happy about anything, it's hard to disappear into a moment ->- I feel ->- I have a lot of trouble disappearing, like, into a moment of happiness @38m
  • the strange, and often shameful, relief of not having to capitulate to every remote demand from every person

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Back to Work - Your brain is not for thinking