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By 👑 Fyrel 20/03/2021 on the Bryan Jenkins Discord Ok, this might be one of the most interesting papers I've read in a while. It gives a little more credence to my theory that ADHD, ASD and OCD have so many overlapping symptoms that they might actually be presentations of the same thing. It wouldn't surprised me if in the future if at least two of them (ADHD and ASD most likely IMO) became part of the same diagnosis.

Examining overlap and homogeneity in ASD, ADHD, and OCD: a data-driven, diagnosis-agnostic approach

TL;DR: - ASD/ADHD/OCD are more similar than they're different, and might not be 3 separate diagnosis in the future.

Short summary: Researchers used machine learning to sort a bunch of existing data into clusters irrespective of actual diagnosis, but rather based on symptoms and scans. The similarities between the three conditions, when sorted by diagnostic and phenotypical criteria, don't qualify them as three separate conditions. In the words of the authors: "In particular, this paper adds to the evidence that these diagnoses may not exist as uniquely-defined diagnostic constructs, and highlights the need to discover other groupings that may be more closely aligned with biology and/or response to treatment." Also some more interesting stuff:

The ASD group had over ~40% also meet criteria for the ADHD and OCD tests - especially significantly elevated vs the neurotypical group.

The ADHD group had ~15% meet criteria for ASD and OCD tests - but especially had significantly higher ASD scores than the neurotypical group.

The OCD group had 4% meet the ASD cutoff and 24% meet the ADHD cutoff. A point in the discussion later notes that diagnosed OCD people tended to fall more into neurotypical clusters, which has been observed in other studies as well.

The neurotypical group didn't have a single one meet criteria for ASD/ADHD symptoms - but 2 of them (out of 22 controls) met criteria for OCD(edited)

Translational Psychiatry Examining overlap and homogeneity in ASD, ADHD, and OCD: a data-dri...

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