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Origin of My Interst in Astronomy

[[my father]] took me outside on dark nights to watch the stars and taught me the different constellations and stars. After getting a telescope for my 40th birthday it is time to pick this up again.

Animations and Illustrations

Nice animation showing how the planets would look if they were as close as the moon. (2) Steve Stewart-Williams on Twitter: "If the planets were as close as the moon..." / Twitter

Structures and Phenomena


Hubble deep field image

Paras Chopra on Twitter: "Hubble deep field, the most amazing picture of our universe. (a tiny 🧵 thread)" / Twitter

Hubble deep field image ![[../hubble-deep-field-image.jpg]] Mentions [[causal disconnection]] ![[causal-disconnection.jpg]]

Because of cosmic time dilation the furthest galaxies appear frozen in time. At the edge of our universe nothing ever happens, time stands still (from ourperspective)

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