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anthropocentric thinking is too narrow-minded

We're still caught up in what amounts to a earth-centric view of the solar system.

Is consciousness itself, the way we experience it, far removed from it's "real nature"? We seem to be approximately in the middle when it comes to the physical scale of the universe. In the middle as far as we know… Is this also a product of our self-absorbedness? Or just a practical result of us looking inward and outward at the approximately same rate? We discover the small and the large at the same speed of insight; our perceivable universe expands at similar rates inward and outwards.

The mention of the [[anthropic principle]] plays absolutely no role in the argument – [[Lee Smolin]], [[Smolin vs Susskind - The Anthropic Principle]]

topic:: [[anthropic principle]] See also:: [[Smolin vs Susskind - The Anthropic Principle]] Tangent:: [[t.Problems With the Simulation Hypothesis]]

anthropic principle is not necessary