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Amphetamine is not one thing, there are so many variants. MDMA (MethoxyDiMethylAmphetamine) is an amphetamine. Mescaline is an amphetamine.

[[Rusmidler i Norge 206 – Folkehelseinstituttet]]

There are several hundred amphetamine-like substances

Amphetamine is still used in war situations in low doses by several countries (source: Rusmidler i Norge 2016, Folkehelseinstituttet)

Street speed often contains residue from production of other narcotics and other additives like caffeine, salt, sugar.

1/4 gram usually contains 50-150mg pure amphetamine. Medicinal doses are 5-20mg

Methamphetamine is more fat soluble, so it acts quicker. Some meth also metabolizes into amphetamine, result is that meth kicks in quicker and lasts longer.

Effect; lowered concentration. Lowered ability to multitask.

Khat contains amphetamine-like compounds; katinon, katin, norephedrine.