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ADHD Light Sensitivity: The Link with Hypersensitivity & Sensory Processing - TheraSpecs

as much as 20% of the general population show traits of high sensitivyt, ADHD individuals are at an even greater risk.

ADHD hypersensitivity often also entails

  • Extreme sensitivity to emotional stimluli
  • Extreme sensitivity to physical stimuli (sound, sight, touch, smell, etc)
  • Higher likelihood of asthma
  • Higher likelihood of eczema
  • Higher likelihood of allergies
  • Too much information easily overwhelms

This is sometimes called [[sps – sensory processing sensitivity]] and affects between 40-84%

ADHD, light sensitivity, photophobia

70% with adhd reported photophobia (strong sensitivity to light), more than twice the number of those without adhd symptoms.

Light sensitive adhd-people reported

  • eye pain
  • headaches
  • migraine
  • dry eyes
  • chronic fatigue
  • frequent sunglass use year round

ADHD and fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights are

  • bright
  • flicker
  • blue which makes them triple-plus bad

Classrooms with unshielded fluorescent lighting led to an increase in hyperactive behaviours among ADHD children in a 1976 study

[[dopamine]] and [[melatonin]] production may be disrupted

adhd people have difficulty processing blue light Can disrupt sleep patterns and circadian rythm

[[methylphenidate]] may increase photophobia

via:: [[on light and lighting]] topic:: [[adhd]]

adhd light sensitivity – the link with hypersensitivity and sensory processing