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50 Ideas That Changed My Life

Author:: [[David Perell]] topic:: [[Cognitive Biases]] related:: [[Aphorisms to live by]]

Niches, specialization, competition

Not sure how much curation [[../_inbox/Roam Import/David Perell]] actually did here, as quite a few of the ideas are miniscule variations on a theme.


![[Occams Razor]] ![[Hickams Dictum]] ![[Galls Law]]


![[Parkinson’s Law]] ![[copernican principle]] ![[Creativity Begins at the Edge]] ![[Availability Cascade]] ![[The Paradox of Abundance]] ![[Base Rate]] ![[Circle of Competence]] ![[The Paradox of Consensus]] ![[Via Negativa]] ![[hormesis]] ![[Robustness Principle]] ![[Horseshoe Theory]] ![[Convexity]] ![[The Invisible Hand]] ![[The Medium Is the Message]]

50 Ideas That Changed My Life