Lateral Wiki – A Digital Garden

What's this then?

My [[Digital Garden]]. Look at it as a hybrid between my loosely connected, private notes, learning in public and the type of website we had during the golden age of the internet (mid 90s) before overcommercialization, when people still posted their private thoughts for the whole world to read.

Most of what you read here will be drafts. Most of them will never become finished… anythings. I write to think. Links within double square brackets are internal, other links will lead you out into the kaleidoscopic depths of the Intarwubs.

A Couple Starting Points

First, my meager writings, then a couple interests, finally a couple opinions.

🧠💪 [[Strong opinions weakly held]]

Change your mind, and change it often. Remember to use conditioner and fabric softener. Warranty voided.

📚🧬 [[Aphorisms to live by]]

Why undergo wisdom osmosis – with all the suffering that entails – when a pithy quote suffices to instill a sense of meaning?

[[I Concur]]

Things people said that I agree with.

🤯 [[mind blown]]

Stuff that blew my mind, in a sense, facts that were [[Strong opinions weakly held]], and thus changed. In the presence of new information: Change! It's fine… I promise.

🧠🍳 [[shower thoughts]]

Adding the "shower" befoure "thoughts" relieves me of any accountability, and reduces the risk of you laughing at me (slightly) Mostly reflections on consciousness and the various brain sparks that makes cosmology such an interesting topic.

📝 [[my writing]]

A collection of notes that are not pure notetaking from articles, podcasts, etc.


🌌 [[Cosmology]]

I'd say physics, but… only in the sense that the philosophical and existential questions that arise from the exploration of cosmology and quantum mechanics are physics. The further we reach into the concrete, hard, material world, the more it dissolves and rotates around, turns inside out, flips a few times, does at least eleven improbable loops and pops up right in the very core of philosophy. Maybe even a bit beyond where philosophy can get us, mainly because [[t.what we observe is not the nature of reality but the nature of our perception]] and [[I will never understand reality]]. I feel that a couple quotes by phycisists are apt at this point:

🧠 [[neuroscience]] and some [[psychology]]

Other, top of mind topics and interests

Important shit! Basically the exact same as [[what i want my children to know]]

A Cronological Chronicle of my Curiosity


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My day job is in digital marketing, so you might either be surprised or very much not so by learning that I do not track you. Whilst I track visits and some stats there are no cookies and… no Google, no Facebook, no nothing.

My curiosity starts and ends with how many people visit me, from where (IP address is logged – but anonymized by Ackee – by all and every site, it would not be possible to serve a webpage if there was no IP-address to send it to) and which pages they look at. I do not need your… anything. Except for your approval. I hunger for that like a zombie hungers for brains. Please love me.

Also, please use the following plugins in your webbrowser to stay somewhat anonymous and thwart the efforts of me and my despicable colleagues to make you part with your money for more more more more things you don't need, want and will never fill whatever void you think is inside you.

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Also use a VPN and Firefox; use all the container features.

How was this site built?

In the tradition of [[Digital Garden]]s everywhere, here's how this was built:


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